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Brake Service & Inspection

Keeping tabs on your Brakes & Rotors is important for your safety.

You should check your brakes at least once a year, and have them checked if you notice any grinding or squeaking, car shakiness, wobbling or pulsing sensations or the feeling of "soft" brakes.

What We Check For in a Brake Inspection

  • We measure Brake Pad Wear

  • Measure Rotor Wear

  • Test Brake Fluids

  • Inspect Your Emergency/Parking Brake

  • Measure Drum Wear

Front Brake Pad

Replacement in Williamsburg, VA

GM Original Equipment Front Brake Pads installed* including rotor inspection - $250

ACDelco Professional Front Brake Pads

installed* including rotor inspection - $200

When Is It Time To Replace Your Rotors?

The tell-tale sign of when you should replace your rotors is when you begin to notice a wobbling or pulsating feeling when braking or at higher speeds. This feeling typically means that your rotors are warped or worn.

How do Rotors get worn?

The brake calipers put pressure on the rotors and create heat spots & grooves which damages them over time. Damage can also occur from thin brake pads where the metal from the brake pad scrapes the metal of the rotor.

Rotor Replacement

GM OEM Front Rotors installed for CARS. - $200


ACDelco Advantage Front Rotors installed for CARS. - $150

GM OEM Front Rotors installed for TRUCKS/SUVs. - $200

ACDelco Advantage Front Rotors installed for TRUCKS/SUVs - $150

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