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"Is Synthetic Oil worth it?"

Synthetic Oil is ultimately oil, though it is man-made.

Synthetic oil is made from a combination of a base oil with additives & a "carrier" oil  that ensures a balanced delivery of the additives.

The biggest difference between Synthetic & Conventional oil is in the Refinement Process.

The Refinement process gives more scientific control over the molecular size & the purity.

What does this mean?

  • This gives Synthetic Oil some big advantages.

  • The ability to create a uniform molecular size reduces friction in Synthetic.

  • The Refinement of Synthetic reduces deposits.

  • The additives in Synthetic adds protection and keeps the engine clean (less sludge).

  • Synthetic performs better in even extreme weathers.

Overall, Synthetic Oil outperforms that of Conventional Oil while keeping your engine cleaner, longer.

In fact, Synthetic Oil, because it has fewer impurities, allows you to go longer between oil changes than with Conventional Oil with the new average mileage between oil changes being every 5,000 - 7,500 miles.



Oil Change Prices

6-quart ACDelco dexos1™ Oil Change

Price Package

8-quart ACDelco dexos1™ Oil Change

Price Package

Diesel Oil Change Price Package




The Importance of Rotating Your Tires

"Why Do I Need To Rotate My Tires?"

Rotating your vehicle's tires is an important maintenance process to ensure you get the longest life out of your tires, and ultimately saving you money in the end.

A Tire Rotation simply involves moving tires from one position to another on your vehicle, mainly moving the front tires to the rear and vice versa, as well as changing sides driver side to passenger side.

What does this do for your tires? Ensures that your tires "wear evenly".

The wear of your tires is important for the overall handling of your vehicle, and making sure that the wear stays even by rotating is an important way to keep your car's handling at its best, as well as ensuring the longest life of your tires by spreading the road wear across all four tires rather than continuing to wear down the same spot on each single tire.

Tire Rotation & Wheel Balance

Rotate Tires & Reset Tire Pressure

Monitoring System


Rotate & Road Force Balance Tires


What Causes Wheels To Be Out Of Balance?

"What is causing my vehicle to 'shake'?"

Out of balance wheels can cause a vibration while you're driving. This imbalance can be caused by normal wear on your tires or even normal manufacturing imperfections of the wheels.

What is Road Force Balancing?

 Road Force Balancing is a new state-of-the-art technology that surpasses past methods of balancing we used to use. A Road Force Balancing machine utilizes a load-roller that simulates the force of the road providing a more accurate reading and balance than previous methods.

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