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Why you should purchase an

Extended Warranty for Your Vehicle

Picture it. You’ve spent days, weeks, maybe even months......

...researching the perfect new or pre-owned vehicle for you and your family. You’ve read the blogs, you’ve done some test drives, and you’ve finally made your decision, and you are confident that this is the vehicle for you. You walk into the Business Manager’s office to sign your papers stating that the vehicle is yours, when he or she asks you, “Would you be interested in an extended service plan?”.


You think to yourself “What? I didn’t research this. What is this Extended Warranty he’s referring to? Did I miss something? Doesn’t this vehicle have a warranty? Oh man, I have so many questions”…..


Well, here at Holiday, we’re not into “springing things on you” at the last minute. We know you are going to have questions about Extended Service Plans (also referred to as Extended Warranties) and most blogs and websites out there don’t really mention them when you’re doing all your prior research on the vehicle of your dreams, so we decided to bring up the discussion before you have a seat in the Business Manager’s office so you are fully prepared to make a decision. And if you still have questions, after reading what we have below, see our Extended Service Plan Frequently Asked Questions.


First, let us define what an Extended Service Plan truly is…

Peace of mind –

Think of an Extended Service Plan as a Supplemental Insurance Policy for your vehicle. With all of the new technology on our vehicles today, you need some additional coverage for things like sensors, computers, touch screens, and more.

Here are some of the Top Pros of purchasing an Extended Service Plan:

An Extended Warranty is a great way of protecting your investment whether you’ve purchased a NEW or Pre-Owned Vehicle! Still Have Questions?? Give us a call at 757-253-1960!

Yeah, we know, it’s right there in our provided definition above, but that really is one of the biggest Pros of a purchased Extended Service Plan! No longer do you have to fret over a sensor acting up, or a touch screen “losing its touch”.


You can have confidence walking into the service center knowing that something like that isn’t going to dip into your wallet right before that big vacation or tuition payment for your daughter.


The college kid commuting back and forth between home and school and the retiree driving between home and the gym are going to accumulate a very different number of miles within the same amount of time. So, of course, they’re going to need different coverage! Our Business Manager here at Holiday always considers how much you may drive, as well as few other aspects of your driving habits, to make sure you don’t pay more for coverage you may not need.

Add Ons of things like 24 hour Roadside Assistance and Trip Interruption coverage are available also! View the image to the right for a reliable range of coverages we offer with your needs in mind!

(Or Transferred)

You don’t have to worry about paying for something you may not use…. If you don’t use it, then it can be cancelled at any time, and refunded to you at a prorated amount for the remainder you didn’t use, and you can even use it as a down payment on your next vehicle. Planning on selling your car to a friend or family member, you can transfer the Extended Service Plan to them just by paying a small transfer fee.

Find Out More About An Extended Warranty For Your Vehicle!

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